The climatic peculiarities, the properties of the soil in which it is born, the variety of this fruit, the choice of the optimal moment of collection and the care it receives. Multiple factors make a small green colored olive of early maturation, known as Arbequina, transform into an oil with the colour of gold and green hues, labeled as Alma de Jerez Arbequina.

Being in total control of the product and able to trace it from the beginning to the end of the process, at Alma de Jerez we combine the mechanized production of the Arbequina variety with the excellence in the integral production within our estate. To produce this unique juice, the olives are collected during the nighttime. The obtaining process in the low night temperature and the procedures of natural decantation in a few hours allow us to preserve all the original aromas of the oil and the freshness of its fruit. This way of understanding the production of extra virgin olive oil, in search of the best qualities and sensory profiles, gives rise to Alma de Jerez Selection, an essential coupage in the kitchen of every gourmet. Thanks to the incorporation of the Arbosana variety, aromatic flavour and stable fat yield, it is possible to achieve balance as well as complexity in this EVOO.


Alma de Jerez Arbequina


A high intensity fruity oil with a balanced combination of green and ripe nuances, a sign of the precise choice of the optimum ripening moment. Notes of ripe and green fruits, reminiscent of freshly cut grass and tomato, which add complexity to the oil. Both bitter and spicy sensations are pleasantly perceived, and they harmonize with the almond attribute; then the freshness of green nuances, already perceived as an aroma, make their reappearance as flavour.  

Alma de Jerez Arbequina
estrella sensorial de alma de jerez arbequina


High intensity fruity oil with a predominance of green nuances and fruits which indicate an early harvest. Perceptions of tomato and aromatic herbs combine providing balance on the nose. Regarding the mouthfeel, it is a soft oil with light intensities of spicy and bitter flavours, as well as marked retro nasal walnut notes. The positive banana attribute is present with great persistence which contributes to increase its complexity.    


Seven hundred hectares located in the fertile countryside of Jerez, in Torrecera, have an excellent climate with mild winters and mild summers. These conditions allow a slow ripening, which means that all the aromas and flavours of the fruit are conserved better.


More than 30 years have passed in El Jardín de Almayate since we began to cultivate our land, dedicating all the passion it deserves to obtain first quality products. At El Jardín de Almayate we own five agricultural farms located in Madrid, Seville, Torrecilla, Jerez de la Frontera and Malaga. The farms allow us to apply the most cutting edge and varied techniques for the cultivation of cereals, legumes, citrus crops, olive groves… Even though we produce a wide range of high-quality varieties, our masterpiece is undoubtedly the Ranchiles olive juice, in Jerez de la Frontera. The pillars of our production are the highest quality, the total traceability and exhaustive control of the entire process, from the olive tree to the bottle.


Located in the heart of our farm Ranchiles, the mill allows us to receive the live olives quickly. This is a great advantage, because we manage to keep all the properties of the fruit intact. We always extract the olive juice in cold and with short beating times, obtaining oils that maintain all the aromas and natural antioxidants of this millenary fruit.


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Combining advanced mechanized production techniques to obtain the Arbequina variety with our technified Arbosana olive crops, natural and unique EVOOs emerge. But it was not always so, since in past times, the farm was a meadow that became payment for the cultivation of the vine, thanks to the arrival of English winemakers in Jerez in the nineteenth century. At present, our more than 700 hectares that are in operation, with a million and a half planted olive trees, have been transformed to the super intensive Arbequina cultivation, mainly, with a support in the Arbosana variety, to make a pure olive juice that meet the expectations of the most refined and expert palates.



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